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Working With Us

Freelance researchers and specialists:

Our projects vary between 3 and 12 months and we often need additional experienced freelance researchers, specialists and local partners. If you are interested in being considered, please send the following information to

  1. CV, including areas of expertise, languages, recent project experience, and 3 references
  2. A letter describing how you would provide value to Kaiser EDP


Kaiser offers internships of between 3 and 6 months for postgraduate students during long vacations or following completion of their studies, as well as for young professionals considering a career change into the economic development field. A preference is given to candidates with suitable language skills for work in Africa, in particular French and Portuguese. The intern role involves integration into a team for at least one project, and includes secondary research, industry and stakeholder interviews, analysis and brainstorming, report drafting, and presentation preparation. The work experience gained and networks generated are a great stepping stone to further your career in economic development.

Past and Present
Social gathering of Kaiser Past & Present

If you are interested in an internship at Kaiser EDP, please submit the following to

  1. Letter of motivation capturing reasons for your interest in the internships, dates when you are available and current location
  2. CV (including language skills)
  3. Academic transcript
  4. Example of your writing, e.g. assignment or article

People who have worked with Kaiser EDP have gone on to work for key organisations in the development world including: World Bank Group, Development Bank of Southern Africa, Dalberg Global Development Advisors, Federal Reserve Bank, National Treasury of South Africa, The Vibrant Village Foundation, and others.

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