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Value Chain / Sector Development Strategies

Value Chain / Sector Development

Kaiser has been successfully delivering sector development and value chain studies for over 15 years. This work has included:

  • Mapping of value chain stages, structure, and dynamics
  • Competitive and comparative analysis, including factor costs
  • Assessment of concentration levels, keys players, governance
  • Domestic and international market analysis, including future trends
  • Support recommendations informed by support gap assessment and international benchmarking
  • Export strategy and manuals

Kaiser has conducted a number of value chain studies in various sectors:

  • Mining sector: downstream value chain analysis in Platinum Group Metals, Diamonds, and Copper
  • Agriculture and natural products: food, indigenous tea, chilli, aquaculture, dairy, livestock (beef and leather), and natural fibres.
  • Creative industries: crafts, furniture, jewellery, performing arts, and film.
  • Other: ICT and electronics, boatbuilding, chemicals, and plastics.

See project examples.

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