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Local Procurement & Local Content


Kaiser EDP is one of the leading providers of local procurement strategies, policies, and implementation plans, particularly related to the extractive industries. This work ensures that maximum economic development is achieved through companies procuring goods and services from local businesses.

Kaiser has developed its expertise in extractive industries local procurement across a range of projects in Africa, covering the following countries: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, and Zambia.

In Kaiser’s local procurement strategy and implementation support projects, we have developed expertise in:

  • Detailed supply and demand analysis for products and services
  • Developing lists of products and services that could be targeted for local procurement
  • Identifying and profiling potential local suppliers and their support needs
  • Benchmarking of initiatives to support local procurement and supplier linkages
  • Developing systems to define, measure, and monitor local procurement
  • Assessing existing support in countries or regions for the advancement of local procurement
  • Company Local Procurement Plans
  • Designing local procurement policies
  • Aligning the enabling environment, regulation, and institutional capacity
  • Developing guides and toolkits
  • Convening and facilitating national and regional multi-stakeholder workshops on local procurement

Our experience also includes understanding factors that optimise the contribution of foreign direct investment, including the upgrading of local skills, supplier competitiveness, and technology.

Our projects range from national and regional mining local procurement strategies and implementation to SME public procurement assessments. See project examples.

In addition to the expertise of the core team, Kaiser EDP has established partnerships and works with organisations and individuals to provide expertise in localised procurement and community benefits.

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